Alkafresh Minimax



Entry-Level Water Ionizer Machine Packed With Features You’ll Love

If you’ve got a small space and a small budget, Water Ionizer Machine has an ionizer for you. The Alka Fresh MiniMax is a compact  five plate ionizer with good power and large plates that compares well with many seven plate midrange machines. The filtration in this machine is excellent, you get dual internal filters and a custom prefilter system. The combination of large plates, high power and custom filtration make the MiniMax among the best entry level water ionizer machines on the market today,

Alka Fresh is backed by one of the major brands, which enables them to offer higher quality components than other discount priced ionizer companies. The prefilter system is included free with purchase, and it’s configured based on the pollutants found in your local water supply. This ensures that you are drinking the cleanest possible water.

Alkafresh Minimax Features

  • LCD Display
  • 5 Plates
  • 2 Granular Activated Carbon filters
  • Custom prefiltration
  • Compact size
  • Warranty: 7 years parts and labor
  • pH range 4 – 9.8
  • Up to -500 ORP
  • 75 day return policy

Water Ionizer Machine Long Term Test Results

The MiniMax fits well on small counters, and has large easy to read and use controls, plus a large display. The performance is rock-solid, pH and antioxidant ORP levels don’t decline the way they do with other bargain-priced machines. This machine has one of the highest flow rates we’ve seen in a five plate ionizer, and it works well with a wide range of source water types. It’s performance compares well with Life Ionizer’s MXL-5, but the LIFE machine has newer technology that edges out the MiniMax in our comparison testing. If you are comparing this machine to the MXL-5: Choose this system if you have limited counter space, go with the MXL-5 otherwise.


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