Life Ionizer LC-11 Commercial Ionizer


The MXL-13 comes equipped with Life’s exclusive custom-configured prefiltration system that ensures that you are protected against the pollutants unique to your local water supply. Life Ionizers is the only water machine company that finds out what toxic chemicals have been reported to be in your local water supply, and then gives you the right filters to ensure you’re protected from them.


Recommended Commercial Water Ionizer

The Life LC-11 is a heavy duty commercial water ionizer suitable for water stores, or as an office water machine. This machine is designed to run all day at maximum output, it has un upgraded, heavy duty power supply and an advanced flow meter that enables the LC-11 to maintain optimum pH and antioxidant ORP levels even at maximum flow rates. Your water store customers will love the extension hose that is designed to facilitate filling 5 gallon containers. All other commercial ionizers make people struggle to put their 5 gallon container under the machine’s spout, the LC-11’s hose avoids all that.

This machine comes with a free custom-configured pre-filter system, just like Life Ionizer’s residential units do. It has all  of the features that made Life’s home water ionizer machines the #1 best selling water ionizer machines, built into a machine that is designed for heavy duty usage. Water store owners will appreciate the fact that the LC-11 is the lowest cost commercial machine with the highest flow rate. If you are looking for a system to add healthy alkaline water to your business, the LC-11 is it.

LC-11 Specifications

  • pH range: 2.8 – 11.0
  • Antioxidant ORP Up to -800
  • Plates: 11 Flat or optional GRID
  • 5 years parts and labor
  • 75 Day return policy
  • 5 Liters per minute flow rate
  • Dimensions: 21.5”W x 15” D x 11.5” H
  • 110V – 220 V International voltage
  • Black or Graphite finish
  • Countertop use only

Water Ionizer Machine Long Term Test Results

We received feedback from a few different doctor’s offices where the MXL-13 is used to generate therapeutic-grade alkaline water, and all of them love their MXL-13s. They especially love the fact that Life uses Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration, because that eliminates chlorine and chloramines in water. In fact, one of those physicians feels that chlorine/chloramine elimination is so important to his patient’s health that he would not even consider any other brand of ionizer. The doctors offices we contacted also informed us that pH and antioxidant ORP performance never drops off, even with heavy extended use.

Life Ionizers exclusive features:

  • Free custom pre-filter system
  • Vitamin C Ceramic block filtration
  • Life Clean-Tek anti scale technology
  • Dual Action Reverse Cleaning technology
  • Optional: GRID XL plates
  • Optional: Ultraviolet XL Sterilization technology



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