Learn How Water Ionizers Work

How Water ionizers workUses the existing elements in your water: Have you ever wanted to learn exactly how water ionizers work? Water ionizers use electromagnetism to separate the alkaline elements in water. Alkaline water machines accomplish this by using a series of charged plates. These plates are separated from each other by a membrane called an ion-permeable membrane. That membrane allows ions, which are charged particles, to pass through it. The membrane blocks non-charged particles (such as water molecules) from  passing through it.

How a water ionizer makes alkaline water

Separate the good elements from the harmful ones: The alkaline elements in your water include calcium and magnesium. They are alkaline earth minerals, and they raise the pH of your water to healthy alkaline levels. These alkaline earth minerals are one of the reasons alkaline water is good for you. Your body needs calcium and magnesium every day for good health. According to the World Health Organization, water is the best source to get these minerals from. Your body absorbs minerals from water 30% faster and easier than it does from food. So one of the ways a water ionizer makes your water healthy is by making it easy for your body to absorb the essential nutrients from it.

How a water ionizer makes alkaline water an antioxidant

How alkaline water becomes antioxidant: Once the alkaline minerals are separated, they undergo a reaction with water molecules that forms hydroxyl ions. The hydroxyl ion is a powerful antioxidant that works similar to an antioxidant enzyme called Superoxide Dismutase. It breaks down harmful radicals in the body that are associated with premature aging. The hydroxyl ion in alkaline water is responsible for alkaline water’s age-fighting ability.

The result of combining alkaline minerals and hydroxyl ions in your water is that you get ionized alkaline water with high antioxidant potential. You can’t get antioxidant water like this in stores because that antioxidant potential doesn’t keep in bottles. To get it, you must make it yourself, with a water ionizer and then drink it shortly after it was made. The alkaline water you get in stores isn’t any better than tap water.

How a water ionizer makes acidic water

Acidic water isn’t for drinking: The acidic elements in water end up separated by the ion permeable membrane from the alkaline elements in water. Because of this, they are discharged in a separate stream of water which is acidic. Acidic water isn’t for drinking, it’s not good for you. Instead, acidic water is used a beauty rinse (it’s a miracle rinse for hair) watering plants, growing sprouts without mold, and sanitizing surfaces.