Water Ionizer Machine Review: Alkaviva Jupiter Athena

The Alkaviva Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer Machine Review is a good way to research the alkaline machine, but not a great machine. The problem is that it is an older design that hasn’t been updated in many, many years with the newer technologies. It has good filtration, dual internal filters, but it doesn’t come with custom filtration, which is much better. The Athena is seriously underpowered, it has only 85 watts of power. Because of the lack of power, this machine needs calcium added to it to work right with many water sources. Customer reviews for the Jupiter Athena are

Dan: It did its job for about 3 years, then it stopped changing pH’s and ORP ratings ever since. I sent it back to the factory to have it serviced. The day that I got it back, I checked ph and ORP rating (I bought this device to check both, nothing had changed. I called them, they said they did all the testing and it worked fine and all results showed it was working perfectly. I had since installed a water softener at my house as well and they said it was due to that (because of the removal of some minerals from the water softener). I have a valve that I can bypass the water softener, so I hadn’t tried that. I hung up with their customer representative in order to go through the process again with the valve shut off.

Note: In fairness to Alkaviva, it is best not to use your water ionizer with softened water. Instead, connect it to the bypass for your water softener system.

Lilah: I’m glad it arrived quickly. It was easy to assemble and I got it working in 30 minutes. The setting take a little getting used to. Water taste good. I tried testing the alkaline water at different levels and they all came out highly alkaline (deep purple). I’m not sure if it is because it is new. I need to figure that out. One thing I somewhat don’t like is that I didn’t realize it was plastic. I had envisioned stainless steel considering how much it cost. I just need to make sure I never drop it because I don’t think it can handle a spill. Also, I was supposed to receive a promotional alkaloid. It came with all the instructions, except for the alkaloid itself! I’ll be calling about that.

Amazon customer: I live in a small town in Oregon. After extensive travel throughout the state, I know that the town I live in has pretty bad water. However, I have a friend in a neighboring town with one of these and know how great they can make the water taste. Unfortunately, though, it hasn’t been able to completely conquer my water. I am not sorry that I made this purchase because this isn’t my forever home, but I must admit that I had higher expectations for my Athena.

Why can’t the Athena ‘conquer’ that water? This is a problem you find with underpowered ionizers. Unless the water supply used is hard water, an underpowered machine simply won’t be able to satisfactorily ionize it. This is why the Jupiter machine comes with a calcium port, it needs additional minerals to work right in some circumstances. We do not recommend using calcium supplements in your water ionizer. Improper use can lead to kidney stones and other problems of over-calcification.

Should you buy an Alkaviva Jupiter Athena?

No. We don’t recommend the Athena because it is underpowered if Alkaviva fixed that, this could be a better ionizer. We like the fact that it is convertible between counter-top and under counter use, but we don’t like the cheap plastic faucet conversion kit. We like the fact that it has dual internal filters, but this alkaline water machine needs custom-configured pre-filtration filtration. For less than the $2,395 price Alkaviva is charging, you can get a LIFE Ionizer M7X for $1,997. So for $400 less, the M7X  comes with custom-configured filtration, has 450 watts of power, which is five times as powerful, thus producing a better quality, healthier water.   Also a much, much better warranty. The Athena could be a decent machine that would earn our recommendation if Alkaviva upgrades the power, the filtration and uses higher quality materials.

They would also have to lower the price and gives it a much better warranty.

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