Why NuTech Water Systems?

There are lots of potential customers looking for top reviews for water ionizer machines. Water ionizer machine reviews sites like this one on the web, is designed to help potential customers choose the best water ionizer? Additionally, you’ll find that many of those water ionizer review sites also sell water ionizers! When those sites do water ionizer machine comparisons, guess which brands always win? You guessed “the brands they sell” you’re right!!!

Water Ionizer Machine reviews do not sell water ionizers. Instead, we get paid by referral fees from the water ionizer companies whose machines we review on our site. Our referral fee doesn’t add a penny to the price you pay. Instead, those companies pay us as part of their advertising budget.

Thanks to the fact that we don’t sell any machines, we are able to take an unbiased look at the machines we review and tell you exactly what we found. It really doesn’t matter to us what brand of machine you buy. Our only hope is that we can steer you to the best water ionizer machine for your needs and budget.

What about the water ionizer machines we don’t review?

There are some brands that we don’t review.Those brands have told us that they don’t want their machines reviewed on our site. We choose to honor their request. We review all brands that don’t object to being reviewed, whether we have a referral agreement with them or not. But most of the brands you see on Water Ionizer Machine reviews are brands that do pay referral fees for customers that come from our website.

What you can expect from NuTech Water Systems

We will provide you with actual test results from testing we do on the brands we review. We will always tune each machine up to give its best performance. We will always use the same source water. So our reviews will be fair.

Keep in mind, the source water you use affects a water ionizers performance. One way dishonest review sites try to game their reviews is by altering the water they use. You can easily skew test results by adding chemicals to the water you use. We will always use straight tap water, from the same source, with nothing added to it.

Some review sites will try to game their reviews by adjusting a machine’s power setting to give less than the machine’s peak performance. That’s why we adjust every machine to give its best performance before we test it. The results you see are the best performance that the machine can give – we guarantee it.

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