Who are we at NuTech Water Systems?

NuTech Water System: Dedicated to bringing you unbiased water ionizer reviews.

We bring this valuable research about water ionizer machines based on actual testing. This testing is done by experts, famous athletes, and consumers who use water ionizer products. What makes about water ionizer machines different?  We conduct long-term in-home testing. This process allows us to find out what it’s like to actually use the water ionizers we test. Our team of water machine experts are knowledgeable and experienced with all the major brands of water ionizers. 

A water ionizer machine is an investment in your health. If you get the right machine, it could change the way your feel. The right alkaline water machine will make ionized alkaline water.  Alkalinity and antioxidant potential designed to put you back in control of your health. We had to learn the hard way which ionizers worked, and which ones didn’t. Our goal is to help you avoid the mistakes we made.

The machines we recommend are the ionizers that excelled in our testing. You can feel rest assured that if you buy a water ionizer that we recommend, you’ll be getting the very best ionizer for your needs and budget. 

NuTech Water System’s commitment to you

Our commitment is to bring you the most up to date and thorough information possible.  Our goal is to avoid inconsistencies and present to you the most reliable results.  

We have a referral agreement with the manufacturers of the machines we review on our website. Those manufacturers pay us a small referral fee. In return, they supply us with machines to test and review. Our referral fee doesn’t add anything to the price you pay for your alkaline water machine.  Want to learn more about water ionizer machines? Contact us!