What could go wrong? Chinese-made water ionizer machines are cheap. We’ve found machines that cost half of what you’d pay for a Korean- or Japanese-made machine. So… how do they sell these machines so cheap? All Chinese-made ionizers have three things in common: They are not certified as medical devices and they are low powered-units with small plates. Those three areas where Chinese manufacturers cut corners enable those companies to save a lot of money on the manufacture of their machines. What could go wrong when you cut corners in these three areas? Plenty, when it comes to your health.

It’s your health: The importance of medical device certification

In both Japan and Korea, doctors prescribe the use of water ionizer machines as medical devices for their patients. These machines are prescribed for anything from mild digestive upset, to preserving bone health, and more. Doctors in those countries can only prescribe a machine that has been certified by one of those countries’ version of the FDA as a medical device. Certification as a medical device means the machine meets some very important standards:

  • The machine produces the type of water needed for treatment
  • No harmful materials like lead or Titanium oxide can contaminate the water made by the machine
  • The machine will operate reliably
  • The system is made with reliable, quality components

Wouldn’t you want the same level of quality required by doctors for your health treatments? It costs a lot of money to have a machine certified as a medical device. But that certification is your guarantee that the water ionizer machine you’re using will deliver safe, medically effective ionized alkaline water.

Get the lead out. One of the biggest problems with Chinese made water ionizer machines is that they are frequently contaminated with lead. In fact, lead is a problem in many Chinese products that are destined for use in medicine. There are well documented instances of US customs sending Chinese medical products back to China because they were found to be contaminated with lead. Lead in water is a dangerous neurotoxin, you should avoid Chinese made machines for this reason alone!

Takeaway #1: Medical device certification is your guarantee that a water ionizer machine is safe to use and works as directed. Machines without medical certification may not work as directed, and may contain toxic substances like lead.

Why do cheap water ionizer machines have so little power?

The more power you have, the better you can ionize water.. More power means you get more molecular hydrogen, more antioxidant benefit, and more acid-fighting alkalinity. Those three things are what you are paying for when you buy an ionizer machine. They are responsible for the health benefits of ionized alkaline water.

So why do Chinese manufacturers put so little power into their machines? The reason is that for a machine to have a good amount of power, it needs good quality plates. Good quality plates are expensive because of their platinum coating. Platinum is needed because it won’t produce any harmful compounds in your water due to chemical reactions with the water. If you don’t have platinum on the plates, harmful chemical byproducts can be formed by the ionization process.

The platinum coating matters. It should be at least 20 microns thick. Good quality manufacturers will tell you how thick the platinum coating on their plates is. Poor quality manufacturers won’t. They will dance around the subject by calling their plates “nano” coated or something like that.

Takeaway #2: The platinum coating on the machine’s plates protects your health from harmful chemical byproducts. Insist on the company you plan to buy from telling you how thick the actual platinum coating is. Don’t settle for sales-shtick like “nano-coated”.

Small plates cost less to make, but large plates work better

The last way Chinese manufacturers cut costs is by keeping the plate size small. The problem with that is that it limits the amount of ionization the machine can do. Water in the machine is only being ionized when it is in contact with the plates. Once it leaves the plates, that’s it, no more ionization.

The advantage of large plates is that they maximize the amount of time the water spends in contact with the plates. Water stays on a large plate for a long time, so it is ionized thoroughly. It costs more to make larger plates. They cost more to make, and they cost more to coat with platinum. Two of the most popular brands, Enagic and Life Ionizers are both popular because of the performance given by their machines. Both of these companies offer the largest plates available in a water ionizer machine.

Takeaway #3: Large plates ionize water more thoroughly than small plates. Ionization is what produces the healthy benefits of ionized alkaline water. The best machines all have large plates.

In conclusion: You get what you pay for

A cheap machine sure can save you money, but will it help or hurt your health? Machines not certified as medical devices can be dangerous, and may not work as directed. Why take chances with your health? You buy better quality food for good health, spend good money on fitness, and spend sometimes top dollar to ensure you’re getting good medicines. Why should the healthy water you plan to drink be any different? Good health is an investment. Cheap water ionizer machines are a gamble that just isn’t worth it.

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