Nu Tech Water

Water Machine TestimonialsNu Tech Water gets the most positive reviews. For example, on Amazon we found 109 reviews for just one LIFE model, the M9. Of those 109 reviews, 91% were five star reviews, 6% were four star reviews. This means that 97% of LIFE’s customers were very or completely satisfied with their LIFE Ionizer. Here are some examples:

We couldn’t be more pleased with our under counter ionizer. My husband spent months researching before we landed on this model. The filters are custom to our local water, which is a huge plus. We have twin infants, and this is the only water we will use to mix their formula. We are all healthier because of this, and so is our house. We use the acidic and alkaline water for lots of around the house uses, including deep cleaning the kitchen. It’s absolutely great.

I’ve had my M9 ionizer for a few months now and couldn’t be more pleased. We drink so much more water now that we know we’re getting the best. The ionizer fits nicely under the sink, and the faucet design is sleek and simple to understand. Can’t help but feel a bit futuristic hearing your faucet talk as you fill up your glass. Our water tastes better, and I feel that there is no wiser investment than safe and clean water for my family.

We are using the water for everything. I was getting alkaline water from a store twice a week for about a year, and when we remodeled our kitchen we purchased your under the counter system, it is wonderful. We no longer drink any other water, even the grandchildren asked for it, and my daughter’s family gets the water at our house by the gallons.

Alkaviva Reviews

Alkaviva doesn’t get that many reviews, which indicates that they are a small company with limited production. We found only 10 reviews for their most popular model, the Jupiter Athena, and only four reviews for their flagship model, the Alkaviva Vesta. Be forewarned: We’ve heard complaints about Alkaviva customer service, as you’ll see in the first review:

I ordered the Samsung Alkaviva Vesta 9 Plate Water Ionizer from Amazon (BeatleFred) on April 16, 2014. The order was processed and shipped in a timely fashion. However nothing went right after that.

I would have received the package by 23rd April, had the Fed-Ex driver called me or left a door tag number when he didn’t find me at my home. However he did not do that. The same thing happened on 24th also.Then finally on the 25th, I tracked the package online and arranged for store pick up, and went and collected it myself. After going home, I decided to install the ionizer. However some things were missing. The correct Adapter was missing.and The Collett Tool was missing.

I was frustrated.

I’m glad it arrived quickly. It was easy to assemble and I got it working in 30 minutes. The setting take a little getting used to. Water taste good. I tried testing the alkaline water at different levels and they all came out highly alkaline (deep purple). I’m not sure if it is because it is new. I need to figure that out. One thing I somewhat don’t like is that I didn’t realize it was plastic. I had envisioned stainless steel considering how much it cost. I just need to make sure I never drop it because I don’t think it can handle a spill. Also, I was supposed to receive a promotional alkapod. It came with all the instructions, except for the alkapod itself! I’ll be calling about that.

It did its job for about 3 years, then it stopped changing PH’s and ORP ratings ever since. I sent it back to the factory to have it serviced. The day that I got it back, I checked ph and ORP rating nothing had changed. I called them, they said they did all the testing and it worked fine and all results showed it was working perfectly. I had since installed a water softener at my house as well and they said it was due to that (because of the removal of some minerals from the water softener). I have a valve that I can bypass the water softener, so I hadn’t tried that. I hung up with their customer representative in order to go through the process again with the valve shut off. Nothing changed, PH was still not changing, nor the ORP. I didn’t have a chance to call them back for a while and now my warranty has run out. I don’t recommend this product for this value. I will be buying a new machine, because when they do its job, it’s truly amazing. I’ll be buying a “life ionizer” now. My friend has one and it shows amazing PH and ORP rating on my measuring device.

Chanson ionizers: Only three reviews found!

Chanson ionizers have the same problem Alkaviva does. Chanson is a small company with very limited distribution. We could only find three reviews of Chanson ionizers, and they look like they were written by Chanson itself.

Enagic Kangen ionizer reviews: Only 17 reviews found

Enagic Kangen and LIFE Ionizers are the two most well established companies in the water ionizer market. Despite that, it’s hard to find reviews for Enagic’s Kangen machine (outside of Enagic dealer websites). We found only 17 reviews for the Kangen Water machine. Many people who bought one were shocked to find out that they could get a better system for much less money. The problem with Enagic is that they sell through multi-level marketing, their ionizers are the most expensive, but far from the best:

I purchased the Kangen Enagic SD501 Water Ionizer a little over 2 years ago. I had been receiving free “kangen alkaline water” from a “friend” I meet (they were one of the enagic distributors) and I noticed my acidic reflux nearly disappeared when drinking this water. After a little more than a month the distributor informed me that they could no longer supply me with this water for free and I would have to buy my own machine. After much deliberation and “education” on alkaline and acidic water from the distributor I purchased the sd501 water system. They helped me with the install and all which was helpful however they never mentioned to me that for nearly $4000.00 dollars this machine only had a 3 year full warranty. I was also never told that I would have to manually clean this machine with a cleaning cartridge ($20.00 each on the enagic website) every 1-2 months and that the filter ($120.00) needed to be changed every 9 to 12 months.

Only after more than 1 year of use did I find out about the cleaning cartridge when the water coming out of the machine began to slow down to a trickle. I tried to contact the distributor who sold me the unit to see how to remedy the situation but they told me they were no longer selling the machines and I had to phone enagic in Torrance CA. The enagic representative I spoke with told me that I needed to send the unit in for a manual cleaning. I shipped the ionizer to Enagic USA Torrance office and waited almost 5 weeks for my ionizer to be returned to me. Upon receipt of the “cleaned” water ionizer I was informed to purchase a new filter for my system and to re-fill the electrolysis enhancer solution compartment. I never knew that this machine needed a “solution” to be added for it to make high and low ph strong Kangen ionized water. It was at this time I started looking around online where to buy the electrolysis enhancer. I came to find out that this electrolysis enhancer contains Sodium Hypochlorite, the main chemical used in bleach and written on the back of the bleach bottle! I thought to myself there is no way I am putting this inside the ionizer that I am suppose to be drinking water from. Why would they require you to add this into the sd501 kangen drinking water machine?

Buyer beware. Who pays $4,200 for a brand new SD501 and then sells it for $2,700? Enagic does not have sales or reduced prices. Don’t get ripped off by an internet marketer selling a used machine. It is likely the machine was financed using a false identity which means it could have outstanding balance owed. Warranties do not transfer, and you cannot purchase filters without a customer ID number. If you have already purchased one of these used machines, call Enagic and have them research the serial number. Enagic will tell you if it has an outstanding balance.

Why does LIFE Ionizers have more reviews than any of these other brands?

One of the reasons is that LIFE is one of the two most well established brands along with Enagic. The reason Enagic has so few reviews is that normally, you can only buy an Enagic machine through their multi-level marketing pyramid. Their most popular model, the SD-501 costs $3,980 and it’s only a seven plate model!!! Compare that to LIFE Ionizers seven plate model, the M7 which only costs $1,997 – about half the price of the Kangen machine.

We’ve tested both systems. The LIFE machine gets higher pH and ORP levels, so it makes healthier alkaline water. The LIFE machine also comes with custom filtration, where the Kangen machine has only a single filter. You clearly get more with the LIFE machine, and so it’s no wonder that LIFE Ionizers is far more popular than all these other brands. In fact, we can confidently recommend the entire line of LIFE Ionizers: They’re solid, well built machines that give great performance backed by a company with great customer service.