Water Ionizer Machine Review:
Alkazone BHL4200 Review

The Alkazone BHL4200 is Alkazone’s top-of-the-line alkaline water machine. However, compared to other leading brands of water ionizer, the Alkazone competes with other brand’s entry level ionizers. It has only five plates, and only 110 watts of power. We do like that it comes with dual internal filters, but it doesn’t have custom filtration, which is best due to the wide range of pollutants in tap water. The biggest challenge the BHL4200 faces is it’s $2,200 price tag. Frankly, you can find better machines for a lot less.

Alkazone BHL4200 vs. Life Ionizers MXL-5

We decided to compare the Alkazone BHL4200 to the Life Ionizers MXL-5 because both of these alkaline water machines are five plate machines. They both also have dual internal filters, but that’s where the similarities end. The Life MXL-5 has dual internal filters and comes with a custom configured prefilter system that targets the pollutants unique to your local water supply, the BHL4200 doesn’t. The Life machine also has larger plates and more power, which makes a huge difference in performance. Best of all, at $1,497, the MXL-5 is $703 cheaper than the Alkazone.

pH and ORP levels

The BHL4200 and MXl-5 give similar pH performance: The BHL4200 has a pH range of 4 to 10. The Life MXL-5 has a pH range of 5.5 to 10.3, so the Alkazone machine is better for making acidic water. But if your reason for buying an alkaline water machine is to get antioxidant alkaline water for your health, the Life MXL-5 is the better machine for antioxidant benefits. The Life MXL-5 can reach up to -507 ORP, while the BHL4200 can only reach a -350 ORP. Keep in mind, the antioxidant benefit of ionized alkaline water is the most important health benefit the water provides, so you definitely want the machine that gives the highest antioxidant potential possible.

Alkazone BHL4200 vs. Life MXL-5: Quality

The Alkazone BHL4200 is an older model ionizer, it hasn’t been updated since it was released. The Life MXL-5 was recently updated by Life Ionizers with improved filtration, and larger internal conduits to increase water flow. The Life machine is current technology, the Alkazone is yesterday’s technology.

The older technology used in the Alkazone can cost you: The machine is powered by a transformer-based power supply. These type of power supplies can run hot, which causes the electronics in the machine to wear out sooner. Transformer based power supplies are also energy inefficient, so this machine costs more to run. Because of the technological shortcomings of the Alkazone machine, it only has a two year warranty.

When you compare the Alkazone water machine’s quality to the Life MXL-5, it’s no contest. The Life MXL-5 uses a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) instead of a transformer based power supply. SMPS power supplies are reliable and energy efficient, they control power far more efficiently than transformer based systems. That’s why Life is able to pack 250 watts of power – more than twice the power of the Alkazone – into the MXL-5. The MXL-5 also comes with a much longer warranty, a full 7 years on parts and labor.

Should you buy an Alkazone BHL4200?

Water Ionizer Machine doesn’t recommend the BHL4200 because it’s too expensive for what you get. As was pointed out earlier in this article. The Life MXL-5, which is the gold standard for five plate water ionizers, gives better performance, is built with newer technology, and has a much longer warranty, costs $703 less than the Alkazone machine. So if you are in the market for a five plate water ionizer, we recommend the Life Ionizers MXL-5.