Welcome to our top selling water ionizer machines page. Here you can research the top 4 best water ionizers on the market.

Top 5 Best Water Ionizers, Reviewed – 2017 Buyer’s Guide

The ultimate top-of-the-line water ionizers all have a few things in common: They have 9 or more plates, and most of them have a lot of power. There are a few things other we always expect to see in a top of the line ionizer, including:

  • SMPS Power Supply
  • Large plates
  • Custom pre filtration
  • Can convert between countertop and under the counter use
  • Able to reach high negative antioxidant ORP levels
  • High flow rates
  • Able to reach high alkaline pH and low acidic pH levels
  • Lifetime warranties

First Place: Best water ionizer – LIFE Ionizers M 13

Of the best water ionizers on the market today, the LIFE M 13 is undoubtedly the best of the best. It reaches the highest pH and antioxidant ORP levels, and has a high flow rate.  Like all LIFE Ionizers, the M 13 comes with a free custom configured pre filter system that LIFE configures based on your local water quality. This custom pre filtration system ensures you have the right filters to protect you from the toxins in your local water supply. The LIFE M 13 has all of the features we expect in a top-of-the-line alkaline water machine.

LIFE M 13 Features

  • $3,497
  • Converts between countertop use and undercounter
  • pH range 1.7 – 12.2
  • Highest Antioxidant ORP: -900
  • 5 – 6 liters per minute flow rate
  • Custom pre-filtration
  • Lifetime warranty on both parts and labor

Second Place: Better water ionizer – Alka Prime 9

AlkaFresh is a discount-brand water ionizer that comes with many features you normally expect in a major-brand ionizer. It has large plates and comes with custom-configured pre-filtration. It does have a couple of limits: AlkaFresh machines are countertop-only, there’s no undercounter option available. The AlkaFresh machine also has less power than some of the major brands. But both of these are reasonable compromises for the money you save.

Alka Prime 9 Features

  • $1,697
  • pH range 5 – 10.4
  • Antioxidant ORP: -500
  • 2 liters per minute flow rate
  • Custom pre-filtration
  • 7 Year warranty

Third Place: Alkaviva Vesta

The Vesta has some things to really like about it, but unfortunately it has a few things to really not like about it. The Vesta gives good pH and ORP levels, similar to the Alka Prime machine, but it costs $1,289 dollars more. We like it’s modern computerized controls, but it lacks power. Also like the Alka Prime machine, the Vesta is countertop use only. The Vesta also lacks the custom pre-filtration that you get in both the LIFE Ionizers and Alka Prime machines

  • $2,995
  • pH range 5.5 – 10.5
  • Antioxidant ORP: -500
  • 3 liters per minute flow rate
  • 7 Year warranty

Fourth Place: Chanson Revolution

The Chanson Revolution has a good flow rate, but chances are you will have to reduce the flow rate considerably to get good pH and ORP values. The reason for this is that the Revolution is underpowered. It has large plates, but only 150 Watts to power them with. So to get good pH and ORP levels, you have to slow the flow of water down to about 1 – 2 liters per minute.  It also has only a single filter, which is inadequate. Chanson practices deceptive pricing tactics, and that worries us. They say the regular price for this machine is $4,995, but it has a “special” price of $2,849. No mention of how long this “special” will last, but it’s been on Chanson’s website since the Revolution was introduced. Lastly, the warranty is too short for a machine at this price point.

  • $4,995 (regular price)
  • pH Range 6.5 – 9.6
  • Antioxidant ORP: -160
  • 6.6 liters per minute flow rate
  • 5 year warranty

Last Place: Enagic Leveluk SD-501

The Kangen Water machine was once one of the top water ionizers in the market, but it has since fallen out of favor. The reason? Enagic has never updated this machine, and over the years more competing machines have come out, that offer better performance at a lower price. Here is a veritable laundry list of problems with the Kangen machine: It only has a single filter that doesn’t remove heavy metals or salt. The machine only has 230 Watts of power, which isn’t enough for it’s large plates. The Kangen Water machine is way too expensive, and it’s warranty is too short.

  • $3,980
  • pH range  4.5 – 10.3
  • Antioxidant ORP: -612
  • 3 Liters per minute flow rate
  • 5 years parts and labor

Water Ionizer Machine’s top two water ionizer picks

We chose the LIFE Ionizers M 13 as the winner in our comparison because it meets all of our standards for a high-end water ionizer, and it reaches the highest pH and antioxidant ORP levels. It is simply the best water ionizer on the market today.

The Alka Prime 9 came in second because it is an incredible bargain. It gives you good pH  and antioxidant ORP levels, and custom configured filtration at a bargain basement price. If your budget is tight, the Alka Prime machines are your best bet.