Water Ionizer Comparison


There are three main things that can effectively compare water ionizers and set the best water ionizers apart from all the others:

    • Purity
    • Power
    • Plates


The best alkaline water machines come with multiple filters because there are so many toxins in water today that no one filter can handle them all. We recommend machines that come with custom pre-filtration that targets the toxins in your water supply. Many water ionizer companies make you pay extra for the custom pre-filtration, but there is one company, LIFE Ionizers, that provides it for free.


Alkaline water machines make water alkaline by using electromagnetism to separate the healthy alkaline minerals from the acidic elements in tap water. The more power a machine has, the better it is able to turn your tap water into high-quality ionized alkaline water.


The plates in an ionizer are where the ionization takes place. They are made of titanium, and coated with platinum. As you may know, platinum is very expensive, the reason it’s used in water ionizers is that it is a noble metal: It won’t react with anything in your water. The best water ionizers have a heavy coating of platinum on their plates. Most water ionizers come with flat plates, but the highest quality companies may offer MESH or GRID plates as an option. MESH and GRID plates are more efficient than flat plates, so they increase the pH levels and antioxidant ORP levels the machine can reach. GRID plates are more durable than MESH plates and typically come with lifetime guarantees.


Plate Alkaline Water Machines
Five plate water ionizers are considered to be entry level systems. These machines are good for maintaining good health, but they don’t reach the high pH and antioxidant ORP levels that some tough health issues require.

Water Ionizer Comparison

Seven Plate Alkaline Water Machines
Seven plate water ionizers are considered to be mid-range models. They usually have more power than five plate models, and can reach higher pH and ORP levels. These machines usually have longer warranties than five plate machines.



Nine Plate Alkaline Water Machines

Ionizers with nine or more plates are considered to be top-of-the-line water ionizers. These machines typically have a lot of power and can reach high pH and ORP levels. These machines will also have higher flow rates than 5 and 7 plate models.



11 Plate Alkaline Water Machines

There are only two water ionizer companies that offer 11 plate machines. These machines typically have a huge amount of power and high flow rates. One of these two machines, the LIFE Ionizer M11, was designed initially for clinical use. The company decided to release it to the public due to high customer demand. The other system isn’t reviewed here by agreement with the manufacturer.



13 Plate and 12 Plate Alkaline Water Machines

There is only one company that makes a 13 plate water ionizer, LIFE Ionizers. The LIFE M 13 is uses heavy duty commercial-grade ionizer parts in a home (or business) water ionizer. It is by far the most powerful water ionizer made. It gives you the highest antioxidant potential possible. It’s only direct competitor is the Enagic Super Leveluk 501. It’s a 12 plate unit which is also built with heavy duty commercial grade components. The Super 501 doesn’t have a lot of power however, so it can’t match the M 13’s high antioxidant potential