Why Buy an Alkaline Water Ionizer?

There are three main things that set the best water ionizer machines apart from all the others: We have provided some valuable information in your efforts to find the top water ionizer machine on the market. 

  • Purity
  • Power
  • Plates

Purity The best alkaline water machines come with multiple filters because there are so many toxins in water today that no one filter can handle them all. We recommend machines that come with custom pre-filtration that targets the toxins in your water supply. Many water ionizer companies make you pay extra for the custom pre-filtration, but there is one company, LIFE Ionizers, that provides it for free.

Power Alkaline water machines make water alkaline by using electromagnetism to separate the healthy alkaline minerals from the acidic elements in tap water. The more power a machine has, the better it is able to turn your tap water into high-quality ionized alkaline water.

Plates The plates in an ionizer are where the ionization takes place. They are made of titanium, and coated with platinum. As you may know, platinum is very expensive, the reason it’s used in water ionizers is that it is a noble metal: It won’t react with anything in your water. The best water ionizers have a heavy coating of platinum on their plates. Most water ionizers come with flat plates, but the highest quality companies may offer MESH or GRID plates as an option. MESH and GRID plates are more efficient than flat plates, so they increase the pH levels and antioxidant ORP levels the machine can reach. GRID plates are more durable than MESH plates and typically come with lifetime guarantees.

Glossary of Terms

pH – Stands for potential hydrogen. It measures the alkalinity or acidity of water. Seven is neutral. Higher than seven is alkaline, lower than seven is acidic.

ORP – Stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. It measures water’s potential to act as an antioxidant. The higher the negative number, the more potent the antioxidant potential of the water.

Customized – Water ionizers with customized filtration systems are configured to target the toxins unique to your local water supply. Customized filtration is the best filtration you can get in a water ionizer

Convertible – Some ionizers are countertop use only. Others are under the sink only. Convertible ionizers are able to convert between countertop and undercounter use. WIM