Alka Prime S7C



Mid Range Quality Water Ionizer Machine at an Entry Level Price!

Alka Prime is a bargain-priced line of water ionizer machines backed by a major label manufacturer. This enables Alka Prime to offer many high-end features, along with a few compromises, at a great discount price. This machine comes with dual internal filters and a free prefilter system, plus you can get UV light disinfection and MESH plates as an option. Well water users are strongly recommended to get machines with UV Light disinfection because that protects you from viruses, mold, cysts, and bacteria that may invade your water.

Alka Prime provides a free custom-configured prefilter system with its machines. The system is configured based on information from the annual water quality report that your local water authority files with the EPA. The report lists pollutants that have been found in your water, Alka Prime then provides you with the right filters to protect you from those pollutants.

Biontech Features

  • LCD Display
  • 7 Plates
  • 2 internal filters
  • Custom prefiltration
  • Warranty: 7 years parts and labor
  • 75 day return policy
  • Optional MESH plates
  • Optional UV Light Disinfection

Water Ionizer Machine Long Term Test Results

The Alka Prime S7C is easy to use and gives decent pH and antioxidant ORP levels. It’s not as powerful as some major brand water ionizer machines, so at full flow rates, you won’t get high pH and antioxidant ORP performance. You can get higher performance if you’re willing to slow the flow rate of water going through the machine. This is the compromise you make for the discount price. pH and antioxidant ORP performance hold up very well over time, thanks to this machine’s advanced self cleaning technology. We also like the fact that you get longer filter life than you do with other discount-priced machines.

Undercounter also available: $2,197


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