Biontech Water Ionizer



Oldie, But Still a Good 5 Plate Machine

Biontech is one of the oldest names in water ionizer machines, and they have a well deserved reputation for being solid performers. Biontech’s five plate machines are entry-level ionizers that have some good features, but they are limited because these machines are built with older technology. Biontech machines use an older style power supply that limits the amount of power these machines have to ionize water, so they struggle to reach high pH and antioxidant ORP levels. Because of this, you should consider Biontech a brand for maintaining health, rather than improving it.

The Biontech water ionizer machine uses two internal filters which reduce chlorine and some metals, but if you have water quality problems, this machine would need a prefilter system to safely filter your water. Biontech doesn’t have anti-scale technology, so people with hard water should give this machine a pass. In Water Ionizer Machine’s opinion, Biontech is a good brand but they need to upgrade the technology used in their systems.

Biontech Features

  • Large LCD Display
  • 5 Plates
  • 2 Granular Activated Carbon filters
  • Easy push button operation
  • pH range 3.5 – 10.0
  • Up to -500 ORP
  • Size: 12.6” W x 13.4” H x 5.51” D

Water Ionizer Machine Long Term Test Results

Biontech as we mentioned is a solid performer. These machines deliver good quality water as long as you have good quality source water to begin with. pH and antioxidant ORP performance will drop off between cleanings due to hard water deposits. Users will also note that this machine runs water through itself to clean itself rather frequently, as do all older ionizers. For the price, you get a good machine with Biontech, but compare these systems to ionizers that incorporate newer technologies, and many users will find machines with newer technologies to be a better value.


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