Life MXL Internal Replacement Filter #2


The second of two internal filters, the Life MXL filter #2 contains a thin sediment layer to block fine sediments contained in your water. Vitamin C Ceramic BlockĀ® helps to reduce chlorine and chloramines – combined with a layer of activated carbon to further reduce chlorine and bacteria. KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, a blend of high-purity copper & zinc), helps to reduce volatile organic chemicals and heavy metals to nearly untraceable amounts.

Get notified automatically when your filter capacity is reach and it’s time to be replaced with Easy-Notify Filter Change™ technology: ensure your water is always fresh without ever having to mark your calendars!

This filter is designed to work with the Life MXL-5, MXL-7, MXL-9, MXL-11, MXL-13 and the MXL-15.



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