Alka Prime S9C



Top-of-the-Line Quality at a Mid-Range Price!

The Alka Prime S9C has the high end features you’d expect to find in water ionizer machines costing a lot more: Custom-configured prefiltration, optional MESH plates and optional UV Light filtration. This machine can deliver pretty good pH and antioxidant ORP levels, and can be had in countertop or under counter models. The Alka Prime line of discount water machines compromises on power somewhat to fit within a bargain price. But we have found that for consumers looking for a bargain, the Alka Prime line has a lot to offer

The best thing about Alka Prime water ionizer machines is that they are backed by a major label manufacturer, so you get better quality components and newer technology. In fact, we’ve found that the S9C can give pH and antioxidant ORP performance levels similar to the Kangen machine, which costs almost twice as much!

AlkaPrime S9C Features

  • LCD Display
  • 9 Plates
  • 2 internal filters
  • Custom prefiltration
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime on parts, 10 years labor
  • 75 day return policy
  • Optional MESH plates
  • Optional UV Light Disinfection

Water Ionizer Machine Long Term Test Results

The Alka Prime S9C gives solid pH and antioxidant ORP levels, you can easily reach a pH level of greater than 10 with most water sources. The filters have a long life, longer than most other bargain-priced units. The pH and antioxidant ORP performance holds up well over time thanks to this machine’s advanced self cleaning technology. The only compromise you make with this machine is that it won’t give you as high pH and antioxidant ORP levels as the major brand nine plate machines unless you slow the flow rate down. We’ve found that this compromise has worked fine for customers who bought Alka Prime machines

Undercounter also available: $2,697


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