AlkaFresh 9 Water Ionizer



High End Features That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Alka Fresh offers budget-friendly prices on feature-packed water ionizer machines. The Alka Fresh 9 is their top-of-the-line offering, which can be had at a mid-range ionizer price. You get all of the features of ionizers costing a lot more, and high quality components backed by a lifetime warranty on parts. Alka Fresh is backed by one of the major label water ionizer machine manufacturers, so they can offer features that you won’t find in no-name brands, such as: Custom-configured pre-filtration, Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration, and high efficiency MESH plates. All of these come standard in the Alka Fresh 9.

The benefit of custom-configured pre-filtration is that you get the right filters to reduce the pollutants that are unique to your local water supply. AlkaFresh reviews the annual water quality report that your water utility files with the EPA, the report lists what pollutants have been found in your local water supply. Alka Fresh then customizes a prefilter system to protect you from those chemicals.

AlkaFresh 9 Features

  • LCD Display
  • pH range 5.5 – 10.5
  • Up to -600 ORP
  • 9 Plates
  • 2 internal filters
  • Custom prefiltration
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime on parts, 10 years labor
  • 75 day return policy
  • MESH plates
  • Optional UV Light Disinfection

Water Ionizer Machine Long Term Test Results

The Alka Prime S9C gives solid pH and antioxidant ORP levels, you can easily reach a pH level of greater than 10 with most water sources. The filters have a long life, longer than most other bargain-priced units. The pH and antioxidant ORP performance holds up well over time thanks to this machine’s advanced self cleaning technology. The only compromise you make with this machine is that it won’t give you as high pH and antioxidant ORP levels as the major brand nine plate machines unless you slow the flow rate down. We’ve found that this compromise has worked fine for customers who bought Alka Prime machines


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