Alkazone BHL3100



Compact Entry Level Water Ionizer Machine

The Alkazone BHL-3100 is a solid entry-level ionizer that is popular with people that have limited space  because of its compact size. You can use it countertop, or even mount it on the wall so it doesn’t take up any counter space. Alkazone machines use older technology, they lack some of the features we’d like to see in machine in this price-point but are nevertheless good choices for some consumers

Alkazone machines have just a single filter that reduces chlorine, so if you have harmful impurities in your water supply (most people do) you should look at machines with better filtration. Another problem with the filter is that these machines have a short filter life of just four months. The warranty on these machines is short, only two years parts and labor

Biontech Features

  • LCD Display
  • 5 Plates
  • Granular Activated Carbon filter
  • Compact size
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labor
  • pH range 4.0 – 10.5
  • Up to -630 ORP
  • Seven day return policy

Water Ionizer Machine Long Term Test Results

Alkazone has been around for a long time, and their machines have always been solid performers – up to certain limits. You’ll get good pH and antioxidant ORP performance, but its performance levels will drop with time as the plates accumulate hard water scale deposits. The machine autocleans, but that’s only somewhat effective if you have hard water. We also don’t like the fact that it has only a 2 year warranty, and a seven day return policy.


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