RP11 Water Ionizer



11 Plate Water Ionizer Machine Priced Like a 9 Plate Machine

RP water ionizers are relatively new to the water ionizer scene, and they benefit from some nice features that make them a good value for budget-conscious consumers. With the RP-11, you get an 11 plate ionizer at a 9 plate machine price point, triple filtration, in a sleek looking package. However, you do compromise on pH and ORP performance. This machine will reach a pH of 10.8, with a moderate antioxidant ORP of -540. Most nine plate, and all 11 plate ionizers we’ve tested can beat this machine. The warranty is also short for an 11 plate machine, 5 years parts and labor.

The RP-11 has three internal filters that reduce chlorine, VOC’s, and some metals, so it works well with a wide range of water sources. You get six months out of the first two filters, and a year out of the third filter. This machine could be better with custom prefiltration, but for a bargain-priced ionizer, you have to make some compromises.

Alkafresh Minimax Features

  • Large LCD Display
  • 11 Plates
  • 3 filters
  • Manual controlled flow rate
  • pH range 4.0 – 10.8
  • Up to -540 ORP
  • Size: 31” W x 42.5” H x 12” D

Water Ionizer Machine Long Term Test Results

The RP11 is a reliable ionizer that really needs more power for it’s 11 plates. We found that to get a pH of 10 or (slightly) higher, you need to slow the flow of water through this machine down to around one liter per minute. That works fine for filling glasses and small containers, but for pots, pans, or larger containers, you’ll find yourself standing in front of the sink for extended periods of time. The machine’s pH and antioxidant ORP performance holds up well over time, but only with fairly frequent cleaning cycles. The controls are large and easy to use, and the machine looks good in a kitchen with stainless steel appliances. If RP Ionizers would add some power and prefiltration, this machine would hold its own among the best.


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